Welcoming Summer with a Complimentary Linen Scarf

9th May 2024

The Cuckoo bird is fondly welcomed in Inis Meáin as a harbinger of early summer. Cuckoos winter in central and southern Africa, and the young Cuckoos born in Inis Meáin manage to migrate successfully to Africa in late summer, a few weeks ahead of their parents. In our island community so close to nature, this wondrous phenomenon and the distinctive Cuckoo call has long captured the imagination. The Cuckoo or An Chuach in Irish, is often included in local names and sayings associated with the island’s nature, even traditionally helping in long-range weather forecasting and farm planning…

Má ghlaonn an chuach ar chrann gan duilliúr, díol do bhó agus ceannaigh arbhar.

If the cuckoo calls from a tree without leaves, sell your cow and buy some grain.

The common Meadow Pipit bird is called Giolla na Cuaiche (Cuckoo’s Gillie) on the island as the Cuckoo frequently lays its eggs in the Meadow Pipit’s nest. Hearing the first Cuckoo is also a sign to look for the Bird’s Foot Trefoil flower, known on Inis Meáin as Pabhsaer na Cuaiche; the Cuckoo Flower. In fact, both bird-call and flower can often appear and be heard for the first time on the same day! This pretty wildflower brightens up the grey limestone of the Island all summer, its distinctive yellow tones becoming streaked through with vibrant orange and red.

The cuckoo comes in April,
She sings her song in May,
She plays her tune in the middle of June,
And then she flies away.

Traditional children's poem, preserved by the National Folklore Collection, c.1930s

The Cuckoo Flower inspired many of the yellow, orange and rust tones featured in our 100% linen Spring Summer 2024 collection. Highlights include the Fánach Tunic in both Orange Mix and mossy, yellow-inflected Green Mix; Bun na Spéire Tunic and Claíochaí Beaga Sweater in textured Orange Mix; and the rich, coppery Rust Marl tones of our Buttonless Polo, Linen Sweater, Shirt Jacket and Crew Neck Vest. European Masters of Linen quality guarantees European linen of the highest standard and traceability from field to yarn and all Inis Meáin knits are designed, made and hand-finished in our Aran Islands workshop.

Celebratory Fánach Scarf Gift

To celebrate the arrival of the Cuckoo and summer’s wonderful nature to Inis Meáin this season, we’re offering a Complimentary Fánach Linen Scarf to our subscribers from now until the end of May. Receive an exclusive scarf with every garment ordered when entering the code below on checkout. Available in 5 refined contrast colour-ways – collect them all before the end of the month to create a unique summer ensemble for every day of the week.

One Complimentary Scarf per garment ordered until midnight on 31/05/24. Colours may vary. If more than one garment is ordered, we will endeavour to send a different scarf colour for every garment ordered unless otherwise requested. While stocks last. Complimentary scarf offer does not apply to accessory orders, only garments. Maximum 10 scarves per client. If garment is returned for refund, the scarf value of €150/$185 will be deducted from the refund if the complimentary scarf is not returned.