Any Colour You Want

17th May 2012

“You can have any colour you like, as long as it’s black (or white)”, to paraphrase Henry Ford. Fortunately, even the traditional dyeing techniques gave us a slightly broader range of colours for our knitwear although more and more we are now experimenting with natural undyed yarns also. Two of the protegés in the R&D department here taking a mid-morning break on the limestone.

Na caoirigh ar an leac ag ligean scíth ar maidin.

“Ná ceannaigh caora dhubh, ná díol caora dhubh is ná bí gan caora dhubh” (Don’t buy a black sheep, don’t sell a black sheep and don’t be without a black sheep), Seanfhocla Chonnacht, 1952 (Connacht Proverbs)