DruidMurphy — Have we time for dessert?

28th September 2012

Following a busy year with productions in London and New York, Druid’s long association with Inis Meáin continued as the DruidMurphy production of “Conversations on a Homecoming” came to Inis Meáin.

Ní gá a rá go raibh an-oíche drámaíochta ann, agus an-oíche comhluadair, ceoil agus ceiliúrtha ina dhiaidh.

My favourite story of the evening was when some of Ruairí’s customers in the restaurant, who came to Inis Meáin especially to see the play, were a bit concerned that they would miss the play when offered the dessert menu. “An mbeidh am againn do mhilseog?” Will we have time for dessert, they enquired anxiously. The response to which was to point out the crew and cast who were happily enjoying their main courses just beside them. A three minute minibus trip had everyone safely in Halla Naomh Eoin, just in time!