INIS MEÁIN × Bonne Gueule

20th October 2016

We are pleased to announce our collaboration with the French Fashion Blog Bonne Gueule to launch an exclusive INIS MEÁIN Shawl collar cardigan. This style is crafted in Donegal Yarn and uses the unique Beairtíní stitch.


Benoit Wojtenka and Geoffrey Bruyere of Bonne Gueule came to visit Inis Meáin for two days to learn in depth about our history, philosophy and our knitting. While here, they filmed a detailed interview with Tarlach de Blácam, shot some footage of day to day work in the factory and captured some beautiful imagery of the island and the seascape sheathed in summer sun.

Here is a link to the film and the Bonne Gueule website:

INIS MEÁIN X Bonne Gueule Footage