Patrick Dempsey Visits Cniotáil Inis Meáin

3rd August 2021

It’s a source of great pride to us that our knitwear, created using
long-established Island traditions, is so loved by enthusiasts of well-crafted clothing. Recently, Patrick Dempsey got in touch with us. He had discovered Inis Meáin knitwear in Dublin and, impressed and intrigued by our heritage, quality, and commitment to traditional skills, was curious to see how our knitwear is created, and to explore the landscape that inspires us.

As July temperatures soared and the sea shone blue and clear, he visited our Island studio. We explained our knitwear processes and techniques, and demonstrated the intricate skills needed to create and hand-finish every garment. He said that the first time he felt our knitwear and the texture of the fabric, he felt it was made with loving care. His passion was clear as he spoke about the importance of tradition, and how craft builds community; supporting skills not only preserves our collective Island heritage, but strengthens it for the future.

Inis Meáin may be the world’s most remote fashion label, yet visitors can be sure of a warm welcome.