Sustainable Style

7th April 2022

For centuries, Inis Meáin was the least accessible of the three Aran Islands. We were once completely dependent on sea travel, and communication with the mainland was sparse and unpredictable. Responding to the ever-changing weather is natural to daily life here in addition to being a significant influence on our design aesthetic. Traditional characteristics of islanders are self-sufficiency and resourcefulness. We are accustomed to living in a sustainable way and have always been deeply connected to our natural surroundings.

Inis Meáin has pioneered slow, sustainable fashion for decades, with every piece designed to be worn for life. In our commitment to sustainability, we have just completed a full solar installation for our workshop and studio, which will ensure we are self-sufficient for power for most of the year. All lighting has been converted to energy-efficient LED, and we use an electric van to transport goods and materials to and from the ferry and small island airport.

Five installers came to the Island to fit the solar panels and link us to the national grid. We were lucky with the weather, and to the delight of the hard-working installation team, by sunset on the Friday, we were generating 25 kilowatts. This is enough to power the workshop and all our machines, with the surplus generated feeding back to the grid. It is very satisfying to watch our vision for sustainability come to life in such a significant way.

Inis Meáin is forever sustainable, forever in style.