The Feast of St. Brigid

1st February 2021

The Feast of St. Brigid Inis Meáin

Lá ‘le Bríde/St Brigid’s Day is special in Inis Meáin, where rituals from early Christian times and earlier are enacted, commemorating the reawakening of the earth and a new beginning. Young girls visit each house with a Brídeog and recite a prayer and a blessing. Years ago they used to get a gift of eggs which were becoming plentiful again. Shellfish, periwinkles and barnacles are collected from the shore signifying the beginning of the renewal of the fishing season. An ancient blessing referencing the Celtic calendar for the change of seasons is:

Bail ó Dhia oraibh
Ó Shamhain go lá ‘le Bríde
Ó lá ‘le Bríde go Bealtaine
Ó Bhealtaine go Lúnasa
Ó Lúnasa go Samhain.

The Feast of St. Brigid Inis Meáin