Tones of Island Sea Pink Inspiring Gifts of Feminine Beauty

20th February 2024

Sea Thrift (Armeria Maritima), also known as Sea Pink or Cliff Rose, blossoms in abundance on the island in spring and summer. Our 100% natural Linen Tunic, with its roll cuff, hem and neckline is knit in beautiful and varied shades of pink and white, taking inspiration from this bloom to create our Pink Marl colourway. Also available in sea-inspired Blue Mix and Navy Marl, all offering a distinguished mélange effect, for a relaxed, summery look.

Wear the heart of Inis Meáin everyday with our beautiful Patented Aran Linen Scarf in our signature Aran pattern. A stylish co-ordinating match to our Linen Tunic in Pink Marl and Navy Marl, or wide enough to wear as a striking shawl. Available in six island-inspired summer shades to create refined occasion outfits or to simply wrap elegantly around the shoulders on a summer evening.

A common sight in the west of Ireland, Rabhán is the official Irish name for Sea Thrift, however here on our rugged oceanic island, it is known as Pabhsaer Aille (Cliff Flower), as almost no other flower can survive on our exposed cliff tops. Their tenacity in the face of adversity inspired this uplifting poem by famous Aran Island writer Liam Ó Flaithearta, this time shared with our own translation.

A dúirt mé leis na blátha:
“Nach suarach an áit a fuair sibh
le bheith ag déanamh aeir
Teannta suas anseo le bruach na haille,
Gan fúibh ach an chloch ghlas
Agus salachar na n-éan,
áit bhradach, lán le ceo
Agus farraige cháite,
Ní scairteann grian anseo
Ó Luan go Satharn
Le gliondar a chur oraibh”
A dúirt na blatha craige:
“Is cuma linn, a stór,
Táimid faoi dhraíocht
ag ceol na farraige.”

Said I to the flowers:
“Isn’t it a pitiful place you found
to be having fun
Ensconced on a cliff edge
Nothing below you but grey rock
And the filth of birds,
a dirty place, surrounded by fog
And spraying sea.
The sun doesn’t shine here
From Monday to Saturday
to gladden your hearts”
Said the cliff flowers:
“We don’t care, dear,
We are spellbound
by the music of the sea.”

Na Blátha Craige — Liam Ó Flaithearta (1896-1984)

Another unique Inis Meáin accessory for gifting or self-treating, is the super-soft Fern Leaf Shawl, carefully knit from mohair and silk. In a warm cream tone, reminiscent of the aging Sea Thrift come the end of summer, the pattern on this shawl replicates the delicate maidenhair fern that grows from the damp crevices of the island’s limestone pavement. Extremely lightweight and lofty, this nature-inspired knit shawl can also be gathered and worn as a soft neck-warmer, or spread out around the shoulders to its full width as an elegant occasion wrap. Also available in a deep Teal and a classic Black Mix for all-season wear. These timeless pieces, like all Inis Meáin Knitwear, are designed, made and hand-finished with love and pride in our Aran Islands workshop.