The Feast of St. Brigid
Lá ‘le Bríde

9th February 2023

There is a very old custom or ritual, which has been practised in the island for centuries. On the eve of the feast of St Brigid, January 31st, all the young girls (under twelve) visited every house in the island with a Brídeog, a doll made of straw and clothed in a bright dress, ribbons and some jewellery. When they arrived in each house they recited a little verse while dancing to the rhythm, basically a prayer wishing the blessing of Brigid on the household in the coming year. They also visited the factory last Tuesday.

Crios, crios
Bríd í mo chrios
Muire ‘s a Mac
Bríd is a brat
Má’s fearr atá sibh anocht,
Go mba seacht bhfearr a bheidh sibh
Bliain ó anocht