Autumn / Winter 2013

An t-Iascaire (the fisherman)

Inis Meáin is a company inspired by a great tradition of Aran knitting: Simple workwear sweaters as worn by the local fishermen, and more decorative sweaters that were essentially dress-wear for special days and important occasions in the community. The company is constantly looking to the huge repertoire of the island knitters. This season the inspiration is from a simple 100 year old fisherman’s pattern. A jersey knit sweater with a zig-zag patterned yoke.

Islanders often spent over twelve hours fishing in the open Atlantic, up to 20 miles offshore, in their curachs (the symbol of our brand) or canoes. With little sustenance except for some bread and salted fish and just a hand knitted sweater for warmth, which was regularly soaked in the constant sea spray.

This version is a neat shape that is easily pulled over the head as it has four horn buttons inserted in a shoulder placket. The pattern is repeated twice in the sleeve for extra decoration, and of course for luck, on the fishing trip. Island fishermen are notoriously superstitious!




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