Autumn / Winter 2021




Since last year we have been working in isolation on our island 15km off the Galway coast. Isolation can perhaps be an advantage during these times; we had only the sea, shoreline and sky for company as we created our new heritage-inspired Autumn/Winter 2021 collection. As islanders, we are used to being at the mercy of Atlantic waves and the weather to receive our raw materials and deliver our products.



This continual danger, which can only be escaped by extraordinary personal dexterity, has had considerable influence on the local character, as the waves have made it impossible for clumsy, foolhardy, or timid men to live on these islands.

J.M. SYNGE, The Aran Islands


This image is from the mid 70’s when logistics were a real challenge. Launching our currach in mid-winter to take cargo to the ferry which could not dock at our little pier and used to anchor about 500m offshore. Coincidentally, the man in the stern is wearing one of the first sweaters we ever made.

Ever since, we have been continuing an island tradition making sweaters, jackets and accessories for warmth, comfort and style. Autumn/Winter 2021 contains a vast array of qualities, colours, styles and shapes in the finest materials made to the highest European environmental standards. Each piece is carefully finished by hand to produce a garment which our customers will treasure for a very long time.



Inis Meáin Autumn/Winter 2021.
Celebrating character and heritage.



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