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Autumn / Winter 2015

For Autumn / Winter 2015 we are continuing to take inspiration from the archive of simple Aran work-wear. This season we are introducing a whole new range of colours in Wool, Wool/Cashmere and Baby Alpaca/Silk blends together with marls of Donegals and Donegal/Wool blends.

While the Aran workwear garments were always in natural undyed off-whites browns and greys, the other main colour was imported indigo (called plúirín locally). Then there were always some striking bright colours in islander dress set against the grey limestone and the blue green sea, usually combining locally grown Rose Madder (mádar) with green and yellow from the wild flowers to make the islander crios (pron.kris) or belt for men, and the bright crocheted shawl most commonly worn by the women

This season also sees a continuation of the Claíochaí (Stone Fences) pattern which we developed and introduced in the AW2014 collection, and which mirrors the islands labyrinth of stone fences. Associated with it are the Beairtíní / Little bundles, Blackberry and the Floating Moss patterns which again reflect the structure of the stone walls and fences  — The formal dress-wear, highly decorated Aran patterns are well represented in the AW2015 collection also.


  • PITTI UOMO, Florence

    13–16th January, 2015
    Piano Terra I13,
    Padiglione Centrale
  • PREMIUM, Berlin

    19–21st January, 2015
    Hall 4 A02
  • BREAD & BUTTER, Berlin

    19–21st January, 2015
    Bread & Butter HQ, Room 4.15,
    Münzstr. 13 (entrance via
    Rochstr.) 4th level.
    10178 Berlin-Mitte.
  • SUPREME, Munich

    14–17th February, 2015
    MTC Taunusstr, Hall 4,
    45 A204



    3–6th February, 2015 17–20th February, 2015

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