Oíche Fhéil Sain SeáinWarmth from the Edge of the World

21st June 2024

Oíche Fhéil Sain Seáin
Oíche Fhéil Sain Seáin, St. John's Eve, is a special summer's night on Inis Meáin. Falling on June 23rd, bonfires are widely lit in the west of Ireland, however on Inis Meáin it is also a celebration of the patron saint of the island. The Knitwear Workshop is closed for an Island Holiday on June 24th for St. John's Day - conveniently as all the revelry happens the night before. read more

Celebrating Men in StyleMeaningful Knitwear Gifts

5th June 2024

Celebrating Men in Style
Inis Meáin Knitting Company has been lovingly designing and knitting special pieces on the Aran Islands for almost 50 years. While designing for both Men and Women, Menswear has been our main focus for the last number of years. We have many fantastically loyal customers who have a real affinity with our products knitted to the highest quality from the finest yarns, often reconnecting the senses to their mother's or grandmother's knitted pieces in touch, smell and comfort. read more

Welcoming Summer with a Complimentary Linen Scarf

9th May 2024

Welcoming Summer with a Complimentary Linen Scarf
The Cuckoo bird is fondly welcomed in Inis Meáin as a harbinger of early summer. Cuckoos winter in central and southern Africa, and the young Cuckoos born in Inis Meáin manage to migrate successfully to Africa in late summer, a few weeks ahead of their parents. In a community so close to nature, this wondrous phenomenon and the distinctive Cuckoo call has long captured the imagination and the Cuckoo or An Chuach in Irish, is often included in local names and sayings associated with the island's nature, even traditionally helping in long-range weather forecasting and farm planning... read more

The Inis Meáin Pub Jacket A Financial Times Cult Item

27th April 2024

The Inis Meáin Pub Jacket
At Inis Meáin we are proud to continue to design and make all of our exceptional knitwear in our own Aran Islands workshop in Ireland for almost 50 years now — read about it and about some of the exciting Irish creatives following in our footsteps in the Financial Times' How to Spend It Magazine. read more

Bronntanas ó Inis Meáin do Lá Fhéile Pádraig

6th March 2024

Bronntanas ó Inis Meáin do Lá Fhéile Pádraig
March signifies the deepening of spring on the island, with more fresh growth, longer evenings and our unique and highly anticipated St. Patrick’s Day Cead Tournament. This ancient game is played only on Inis Meáin and only on St. Patrick’s Day, no matter what the weather. read more

Tones of Island Sea Pink Inspiring Gifts of Feminine Beauty

20th February 2024

Tones of Island Sea Pink           Inspiring Gifts of Feminine Beauty
Sea Thrift (Armeria Maritima), also known as Sea Pink or Cliff Rose, blossoms in abundance on the island in spring and summer. Our 100% natural Linen Tunic, with its roll cuff, hem and neckline is knit in beautiful and varied shades of pink and white, taking inspiration from this bloom to create our Pink Marl colourway. Also available in sea-inspired Blue Mix and Navy Marl, all offering a distinguished mélange effect, for a relaxed, summery look. read more

Contemporary Womenswear Island Individuality

4th January 2024

Contemporary Womenswear Island Individuality
Go maire tú is go gcaithe tú é… May you live long to wear it… This is the eloquent sentiment traditionally used on the island when gifting a unique piece, woven or knitted especially for the recipient. Clothing has always had an importance beyond warmth on the Aran Islands. Women looked after the dressing of the whole household; spinning, dying, weaving and knitting yarn to design, and make, clothing for all the family. read more

Nollaig Shona Warm Christmas Wishes

21st December 2023

Nollaig Shona Warm Christmas Wishes
Presenting a festive gift of a beautiful traditional Irish tune, Master Crowleys, played by TG4 Young Musician of the Year, Sorcha Costello. It was a significant year for Inis Meáin Knitting Company as founders Tarlach and Áine de Blacam, passed on management to their son Ruairí, and his wife Marie-Thérèse after almost 50 years. We are proud to continue making luxury knitwear in the Aran Islands, helping to sustain a small island community and an important part of Irish culture, through the very appreciated support of many loyal customers and discerning stores around the world. read more

These Sweaters Have a Story to Tell

5th December 2023

These Sweaters Have a Story to Tell
From the intricate designs to the functional details, the knitwear from the shores of the North Atlantic is steeped in history and meaning. Scattered across the frigid waters off Great Britain and Scandinavia and beyond, islands—both big and small, imposing and inviting—are home to an ongoing tradition of crafting distinctive sweaters that can only truly come from one place. read more

100% Cashmere Knit to Order Specials

21st November 2023

100% Cashmere Knit to Order Specials
At Inis Meáin, we have been designing and making high quality knitwear, in the Aran Islands, for almost 50 years. With the aim of making our clients look and feel extraordinary, in the process, we are sustaining an island community, and preserving an important part of Irish history and culture by making it relevant to a modern, worldly audience. read more